Extra rack(s) on 22.5 WSM


Brock Gingery

I’m not trying to start a debate or a war, but I rarely see ribs that are hung in a WSM have that rich mahogany color with pull back from the bone, that I prefer. Also, I have tried hanging ribs without a diffuser & the taste profile just didn’t work for me. I am contemplating buying the firedial to use for chicken only. I continue to see video’s where people are hanging spare ribs & there usually done in less then 3 hours. I guess I prefer low & slow.
Eric, I did not see what you wrote as trying to start a war. You have your opinion and I have mine, and you did not come across as trying to force your opinion onto others or finding fault with any little thing said. So don't worry, you're good. (y)

For me, I cant stand sweet barbeque sauces. I stick to smoke and rubs to get the flavor profile I like since I have not created a sauce I am ok with yet. I dont worry as much about color since to me it is all about the taste. The way I see it is if I can feed it to a blind man the only way he could tell good from bad is what they should be judged by so I dont care if they turn out ugly or not. I'd rather have them look like crap and taste marvelous instead of the other way around.;)

J Bowie

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I love to smoke beef jerky on my 22 WSM, I am able to use a total of 4 racks and build a small enough fire to cook as low as 140F for several hours.

Don Gross

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I have the CB stainless steel expansion cylinder and third rack. Bought it over a year ago, but had no use for it due to COVID. Broke it in over Labor Day with a cook of 7 10lb. shoulders. Probably could have shoe horned one more in if I needed to. I was very happy with how it turned out. Served about 100 people and had a little left over.