wsm mods

  1. D

    Airburner - HeaterMeter Success!

    Longtime lurker here (this may be my first forum post ever). But I got excited and had to post after finally fixing my temperature problems. The answer, in short - MAKE AN AIR BURNER! I had previously been using a cat dish with a hole drilled in it for a 1 inch pipe and held it to the WSM with...
  2. J Grotz

    A Couple of Cajun Bandit rotisserie Cooks: Chicken and Boneless Leg of Lamb

    I was gifted a CB roti by my wonderful wife. So far I have used it on two cooks. The first cook was a pair of chickens with drip pan potatoes (not pictured) on the lower cooking grate with no water pan. Everything was delicious. However, the 22 is a big cooker that uses a lot of fuel so I wanted...
  3. A

    Increased capacity to 4 racks by welding extension on grill strap

    With thanks to JSMcDowell, I have wanted to make the grill straps longer on my 22" WSM ever since I saw his post. My only dilemma was whether to play it safe and go with 3 racks, or get greedy and go for 4. Then I thought, well, I might as well go for it. I decided to cut the grill straps in...
  4. K

    Side Table for WSM 22 for sale

    My brother in law build this for me, been using it a couple years. It has a magnetic bracket so the support leg holds fast, and clips to hang on the lip of the smoker. Works great, just building a new table that will hold both my WSM and Kettle in one unit. Wondering if anyone would be...
  5. aMikeK

    WSM Enclosures that WORKED (and maybe didn't)!

    I've been worming my way around and around looking for 'crib' for my wsm - a place for it to live and protect it from the elements while smokin' and while restin'... Seen some great stuff here on builds that have came from the ground up. See --- hat's off for the great ideas and thanks for...