1. Joy

    Taco Pie - Instant Pot version, with homemade Enchilada sauce

    This recipe will require the use of a spring form pan for your pressure cooker. Maybe not necessary as the blog post says, but makes for a nice presentation. Mine didn’t come out quite like the picture, maybe my tortillas were too small. But it was quite tasty and I would make it again, with...
  2. Darryl - swazies

    Steak Taco’s

    Was out getting some food and found some triple A’s on for sale price. Grabbed a bunch, threw a few in the freezer and did 2 up tonight. Steak with carne crosta rub. Made some chimichurri. Sweet peppers, onion, mushroom and jalapeño. Some corn salsa, bit of sour creme. Fried the taco shells...
  3. Darryl - swazies

    Pulled Pork taco’s and smoked wings

    Had a 7 pound pork shoulder hanging around in my Covid lockdown supply and I was inspired by our own Michael Richards. We are having friends over tonight for food so I wanted to take the opportunity. I purchased Malcom's Grande gringo rub a while back and am going to make pulled pork taco’s...