1. J

    FYI - MicroDamper + 22"WSM + HeaterMeter + AirBurner = Fail

    Greetings All, TLDR; The MicroDamper fan can't flow enough air through the bends on the Air Burner so use the blower provided in the HeaterMeter Kit. Got fancy and figured, why not use the MicroDamper. Foolish move. This configuration had literally zero effect on the grill temp. Had I known, I...
  2. SteveCK

    Brand New Damper Design - "The Micro Damper"

    - The MicroDamper --Inexpensive; smallest; linear; inline; free flowing; easily mountable damper & fan configuration best mimics natural aspiration --> better bbq Howdy all! I'm sharing my fan/damper system with you, it's called The MicroDamper. It's the smallest damper available...