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Thread: Greetings from the Philly Burbs

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    Greetings from the Philly Burbs

    Hi Everyone,
    I just signed up for the forum though I have been to the site a number of times. I learned about the WSM site from which I have frequented for a number of years. I live in Yardley, PA which is about 35 miles north of Philadelphia.

    I have had a WSM for about five years and really like the food it can produce. Mostly I smoke ribs but have also smoked bacon that I've cured. I tried a pork butt once but didn't cook it long enough. I had no idea it took so much time. I have really been hot to do a brisket but have hesitated since it's so expensive and I am not sure a WSM is the best choice for a brisket. I imagine you have to replenish the whole fire box with charcoal before it's cooked. Anyway it is on my list to try.

    My major complaint with the WSM has been temperature control. I usually find it very difficult to keep the temp around 225 degrees though I can normally keep it below 250. I added gaskets a couple of years ago and that helped a lot.

    Recently I have had a terrible time with temperature control and I found that the middle section was seriously out of round. I think the smoker blew over and hit a sitting wall during a storm. I will try to fix it but if I can't I most likely will buy another WSM. If I do I think I would add an automatic temperature controller like those at BBQ Guru, the DigiQ for example. Has anyone had experience with temperature controllers on a WSM?



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    Hi Jack, welcome aboard! I have no experience with the WSM but when a kettle is out of round you can sometimes get it back to shape by giving it a big gentle “bear hug” to reform it. There is a section on this forum on the automatic temperature controllers though that you should check out.



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