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Thread: New PartyQ ATC Impressions

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    New PartyQ ATC Impressions

    I am a long time WSM 18.5 owner (15 years) who has always struggled with temperature control. Whether it's user error or not it has been a constant battle for me. I recently purchased a BBQ Guru PartyQ and can't say enough good things about it after two cooks. It controls my set temperature wonderfully and I am producing wonderfully tasting bbq.

    The one drawback that many cite with the PQ is the battery operation (which I share) so I followed a popular youtube video and made my own power source with a charger and two wooden dowels. Super easy and works flawlessly.

    Thus far my PartyQ has been an investment well worth the price and I wish an ATC is something I would have purchased a long time ago. I highly recommend the PartyQ for budget conscious consumers.

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    Iíve had a partyQ for several years now. I have also modified it so that I can plug it in. I really enjoy the ability to get a nights sleep during long smokes.

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