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Thread: HM 4.0 upgraded to use RJ45 & AdaptaDamper - Love it

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    HM 4.0 upgraded to use RJ45 & AdaptaDamper - Love it

    I built my HM 4.0 almost 6 years ago and it has worked great but I have always wanted to add one of the damper designs. I finally have my 3D printer tuned up and printed the AdaptaDamper. Since it uses an RJ45 jack, I really wanted to figure out a way to use an RJ45 jack on the HM as well. I used the guide to solder the wires for the servo and attached them to an RJ-45 jack. I tried the 4.1 and up pinout but the fan would run full speed and the power supply would brown out.

    Then I found a thread that discussed how the HM 4.0 used the neg terminal on the fan to control the fan speed. Since the 4.1 and later pinouts use a common ground, this is why I was having issues. I ended up using a separate wire for the negative terminal for the fan and hooked it up to it's own wire in the RJ45 jack. It works perfectly now!

    I ended up finding enough room to cut a hole for the RJ45 jack in my current case and have all the functionality in my original HM. This is sweet. Going to smoke up a brisket next weekend to try it out.

    Thanks Bryan for continuing to work on this project!!

    Here are a couple of pics of my AdaptaDamper and HM with the RJ45 jack.

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    Looks great and good work figuring out the 12V vs GND difference! Oh man that old case with the screws on the outsides of the corners really brings back memories too.
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