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Thread: Hello from Melbourne, Australia

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    Hello from Melbourne, Australia

    Hi all,
    Long time lurker amongst these pages. I'll be purchasing my first smoker (of any sort) very soon. I've decided on the 22.5" WSM. Being in Australia, we pay a premium for Weber products (a 22.5" WSM is $AUD999/$USD720). Whilst it's tempting to purchase a cheaper brand in the bullet smoker design for half the price of the WSM, I cannot bring myself to do it. I've had my Weber family Q for 8 years & it's never missed a beat. It just does what it's supposed to do! And Webers after sales support is second to none.
    I was considering the 18.5" WSM, as my kids are little & don't each much. However, this is a long-term investment for me & the kids will only be eating more & more as the years roll by. Besides, I have a large extended family & they're all waiting for me to get cracking on cooking some meat (my brothers said "you cook, we'll supply the beers". Sounds fair to me!).
    Up to now, I've mainly cooked lambs & pigs on the spit, as well as lamb & pork gyros. Ever since I attended Meat Stock '18 & tasted the pork ribs that the Weber guys cooked on the WSM, I knew I had to have one!
    I picked up a Weber Snapcheck Grilling Thermometer on special during the week. I plan on picking up a multi-probe digital thermometer soon. From what I've read on these pages, my intention is to start off by cooking some por kribs & perhaps a pork butt (as the pork butt is a little more forgiving than a beef brisket?).
    I shall keep you posted once I pick up the WSM & attempt my first cook on it!

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    Hi Sam, glad you decided to join the group. When I saw where you are from, I rushed to my Australia binder to find a recipe to make. The only one I could find that was not from a hotel or a restaurant
    was from a cookbook "A New Look At Australian Cooking". Will let you know if we make it. Good luck with your new WSM. Looking forward to what you cook on it.

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    Welcome to the forum, Sam! I am sure you are going to love your new WSM. Ribs or pork butt is a great choice for your first cook. Your brothers supplying the beers sounds like a win to me. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your first smoke in the Photo Gallery.
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