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Thread: SD Card - Resizing / Partitioning

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    SD Card - Resizing / Partitioning


    I have a HM4.3 with a rpi zero w and I'm trying to re-size the partitions to allow for better space utilisation on my sd card.

    I've stepped through the standard fdisk and resize2fs steps, used previously for rpi's but this doesn't seem to work.

    Anyone tried this before and succeeded?


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    Which partition are you trying to resize? The stash partition you can just copy all your data off and then change the geometry to create a larger partition and copy all your data back. For the main partition, it is actually a ext4 overlay on top of the squashfs root. The tools might not let you resize this due to it being an overlay-- I think I remember the tools wouldn't let me resize it once mounted so the only way to resize it would be to resize it on a raspbian install with a USB microsd reader?

    By default you should have 62MB available for stash and 54MB available in the root overlay, so I'm not sure why the purpose of making the filesystems larger as there's nothing to put in there unless you're installing a lot of big packages.
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