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Thread: Covers for silver a and 500 series

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    Covers for silver a and 500 series

    Recently aqquired 3 Weber grills for me and my 2 sons. I find 2 of them need new covers.
    First a sprit two burner...200 series ? Is that right? ...this one is a year old.

    #2 is my 500 LX from 1998 I got a cover with this and it’s virtually unused so I’m good on this one after all. Just wanted to show it off.

    last is a 2003 silver A...came with a cover but it’s all sunbaked and rotted... junk. (I have the side shelf,it’s just not on in this pic.)

    So if anyone can suggest covers from Weber that would be nice. Or I might end up just measuring and buying Home Depot versions.(gasp)
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