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Thread: Alarm popup - "silence" missing/nonfunctional?

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    Alarm popup - "silence" missing/nonfunctional?

    The web alarm popup is supposed to have a "silence" button -- or at least the wiki claims here that "Clicking 'Silence' on web popup" will stop an active alarm.

    I was mystified by the lack of such a button until I dug in the DOM inspector while an alarm popup was on-screen, and discovered
    #alarmclear {  
      display: none;  
    So, I changed that with the user css settings.

    Now I have the "Silence" text in the corner of the alarm popup --- however, clicking on it does nothing. It neither closes the popup nor silences the alarm.

    Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong?
    I'd like to be able to dismiss an alarm without having to go completely disable and reenable it on the alarms page or go push a button on the device.

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    Are you logged into the HM at the time the alarm is triggered?

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