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    Hello all

    Hello fellow enthusiast. I've been lurking around the forum for a few and decided to jump in. About my grill's. Weber performer deluxe, 22 in kettle, smokey Joe, cheap portable propane camp thing, propane from Sam's club that has rusted burners after about two years.

    I've had the Smokey Joe for around 7 years and still use it frequently for small cooks, or as a go to when I need something portable and charcoal is not a problem. I bought the 22 in kettle about two years ago. Bought it because my previous charcoal grill had seen better days. After using it for a couple of years I suppose you could say I saw the light and became a fan. However I do like having a work surface and that's how the performer came about. It's about 3 months old.

    After having several propane grill's in the past, and one that is two years old now but needs it's internals replaced I have decided I am not going to fix it. Instead I am going to save for a quality propane grill that will last. I could have bought a high end grill with the money I have spent fixing and replacing all the box store things over the years.

    I do like Weber grills but I am not a fan boy of anything to the extent that I would judge others for whatever they prefer. For example, the briquette vs lump debate I came across in these forums made me laugh a little.

    Well, I guess that's a little about me.

    Yesterday was a small pork shoulder that came out good, even if not ready quite fast enough for the family. Today is ribs. In fact, what am I doing typing this. I need to get the grill started.

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    Welcome to the forum Jason
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