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Thread: Hello From the Chesapeake Bay MD

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    Hello From the Chesapeake Bay MD

    I found this place researching a great deal on a Summit 670. Issue is, its a NG model and I have only used propane. Could not walk away so now I am toggling between adding an outside line, or converting the grill to propane. Leaning towards Propane.

    Nice to see others with a Grill/Smoker problem. Just to give you and idea of my illness

    1) Brand new S 670 in garage, waiting for a decision on future
    2) Frankenstein Genesis 3 burner, with side burner. Started off as mine 20 years ago. Its the combination of three grills, and a new style lid sent out by weber. It will have to go when I figure out the Summit. (I once called weber CS about the broken lid, and after describing the grill, the guys just laughed at me and sent a a new lid.
    3) Smokey Joe's x2 (the first one did not fit in the pop up compartment"
    4) BGE large (LOVE brisket)
    5) Red 22 kettle (wood handles) Free by the side of the road. How can I leave that. early 80's I think. Like a tank. I have the pizza add on. Very Cool
    6) Off Brand SS gas table top. Found it in the trash last week. -All it needed was a good cleaning and a new regulator. Nice camping option. I have no idea, could not leave it
    7) Hibachi (child of the 70's)
    8) Heavy Duty Mesh square. -wood cooking and keeps stuff warm when we camp
    9) Old Little Chef brand electric smoker. Looks like it was never used. damn yard sales
    10) 18 inch kettle. I really should get rid of that.
    11) Propane crab boiler. Maryland Crabs!!!

    I could say I have a problem and I need help, but I would be lying. Look forward to learning here, and sharing as well.
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    Welcome to the forum CJ.
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