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Thread: Company I wish Weber stayed like (a knife company called Spyderco)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBooker View Post
    Why would Weber make a cheaper line of kettles. There are already plenty of cheap charcoal grills available.
    Weber set the gold standard of quality+value in the 80s and 90s. It's the reason there are so many enthusiasts of the brand.

    People who buy based on brand reputation may not notice any slight decrease in quality. So they can still get their high volume sales margins. They probably in future will still push to see how low they can go without hurting sales.

    That doesn't sit well with many people on this board. Why not offer something catering to both markets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garth C View Post
    Mr. Michaels, while I like camping, 10 years ago I started carrying a knives in my pocket every day doing boring city stuff. Not a heavy oudooraman either, but like BBQs you start with 1, then you justify a 2nd for different use case, then another, then another, and another, and like many people here you end up with a collection.
    That's me too. I always have a knife in my pocket. If I'm on a bike ride I'll leave my money, wallet, and keys at home, but I always take my knife. My first more expensive knife was a Benchmade and I've largely stuck with that brand. I love the assisted opening knives. I do have one Spyderco that's on my key ring. It's about a half inch long. It's handy for opening packages.

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