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Thread: California > Santa Clara: Andy's Bar-B-Que

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    California > Santa Clara: Andy's Bar-B-Que

    Andy's started business in Campbell, CA in 1965 and seems to have been at its current location for decades. I have eaten lunch there at least a half a dozen times always getting brisket, spread over a salad. Usually I specify meat from the point and have to say that that while the service has always been fine, the brisket, in my opinion, is what I would call B- to C+. Several times, I have noticed that the point is chewy which for me as a backyard hobbyist doing brisket myself, takes a special skill. Aside from that, prices are affordable and the staff is friendly.

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    Wow I forget all about Andy's... Have you ever been to The Original Hickory Pit? It's been quite a while since i've been back to my old stomping grounds.

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