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Thread: New Pit Boss blue egg smoker - need to get adapter to mount Micro Damper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Werner View Post
    I’d be very curious if others are getting better results with lump(and you are using lump in your pit boss, aren’t you?) in a kamado. I just wouldn’t expect a dead flat temp curve out of a natural material with the incredible size variations of lump. I’d be happy as a clam with your last graph.
    I get very consistent burns with lump. The fire is air limited so the shape variation doesn’t have much impact except when running wide open.

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    here are my setting for a tightly sealed ceramic grill. I currently use an Adapt A Damper. These should work with some fine tuning for the RD3. The Micro-Damper will not control well on my grill with these settings. I have to make changes mainly to the fan side of things since a blower is a pressure type device and a fan is a cfm type of device.

    P = 2.8
    I = 0.0035
    D = 6
    Fan Output = Voltage
    On Above = 0%
    % min = 0
    % max = 30
    % startup max = 65

    Next item is make sure your thermocouple is not clipped to the grill grates. On my grill, I drop the thermocouple down through one of the dome damper slots and dangle it as close to the center of the dome as I can. I still have a top damper open around a 1/8" depending on the temp I am controlling too. Make sure you have no air leaks. Air leaks are bad. Close the grill with a dollar bill between the gaskets and pull. Must have drag. If not you have a leak. Check all around the grill. Make sure you do not leaks around your inlet damper. Most grills will have a seal of RTV between the inlet damper assembly and ceramic shell. If no seal or it is damaged, fix.

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