For the past year or so I've been having trouble maintaining a wi-fi connection between my Stoker and my computer. I thought it was an issue with slow AT&T internet speed (12MBPS) but I recently changed to Charter (100MBPS) and the problem hasn't gone away. I am using an older laptop with Windows 7. Not sure which version of StokerLog I have, might not be the most recent but updated within the past year or so.

Everything starts fine, the StokerLog quickly connects to the Stoker, reads the configuration, and will start graphing the cook. But after a little while (sometimes an hour or so, sometimes 15 minutes), StokerLog locks up. I try to put the cursor somewhere and it will do a "(Not Responding)" thing and never come back. I then have to reboot StokerLog and lose all the previous progress on the graph. The Stoker will continue just fine but part of the fun of the ATC for me is being able to track the cook with the graph and then save the graph files for future reference. Very aggravating to have it constantly drop out now when it used to work just fine.

Any suggestions? I'll try downloading the latest version of StokerLog when I'm home this weekend, but I'm wondering if my computer is just too old or if new wi-fi technology isn't compatible or something. I do not have an iPad or table but I'm considering getting one. Has anyone had good luck using a different Stoker App on a tablet? I've downloaded Pit Pal on my phone but it doesn't seem to work.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.