I was looking for something different to do with pulled pork,and ran across a simple taquito recipe.
You basically roll up pulled pork (or chicken,or beef) with anything else you might like in a 6 inch corn tortilla,throw them in the oven for 12 minutes at 425. And it's dinner time.
My first obstacle was rolling up the tortilla without it cracking,and breaking. My best cure for this so far is put them in the 425 oven flat on a cookie sheet for one minute. they then roll up fairly well. They sell tortilla warmers fairly cheap,but i havn't bought one yet.
I tried the microwave with mixed results. So I'm sticking with warming them in the oven for now.
I then sprinkle on some pulled pork,cheese,onions,and a spoonful of marinara sauce,or salsa. Roll it up and sqew it with a couple toothpicks to keep them from unrolling. Then spray them with a little Pam olive oil (the no stick stuff),and throw them in the 425 oven for 12 minutes.
I know the real way to do them is supposed to be deep fried. But I am looking for quick and easy.
I am just putting this up here in hopes others will try it,and improve on it. You can use your imagination,and put anything on there from sour cream to tomatoes,and tortillas are cheap.