subtitles en espanol are most helpful to me - have them on most of the time when available.....the spoken words don't match what's heard much of the time.

I just finished the last of the Duolingo levels after 116 days, finished is the wrong word, as each (62 or so) level has many variations, or so it seems, so each time it 'might' be new.

This was a couple days ago. I still listen to Mexican (& Puerto Rican & Argentinian) radio... I understand ~30% (not enough) of the Spanish spoken around me..... wondering if I'll get it. I practice a little each day & my patient worker helps with usage & pronunciation.... "how would I say:xxxxx" (today I asked how I'd say I'd already loaded something up: Yo lo pusay en la carga. I forget the several variations he offered & that I practiced rt now, but more sticks each day.