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Thread: Genesis II LX Grill or a Summit Grill

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    Genesis II LX Grill or a Summit Grill

    I'm looking at replacing my trusty 20+ year old Natural Gas Weber with either a Genesis II LX Grill or a Summit Grill.

    My main reason is that I want a Sear Station and I kind of want to spoil myself.

    The new Genesis II LX Grills have a "High +" setting while the Summit Grills have the extra burners for the Sear Station...which will produce a hotter area for searing?



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    Not sure which would do better, but the Summit also has a rotisserie burner, built in rotisserie, and a built in smoker box. The Summit 470 checks all my boxes, but it's just too spendy for me, and with my charcoal grills I don't use the gasser for enough to justify it.
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    IMO the Summit (X70) will be more versatile than the Genesis. Especially if you like doing things like rotisserie and so on. IMO the searing station may be a gimmicky thing. (but then all my grills get hot enough to sear just fine without one). I do like the smoke and rotisserie burner and could DEFINITELY see using them. Also at least currently I think the Summit is still made here in the Chicago area. The Genesis.................China.

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