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Thread: 2011 Genesis Heat Deflector Replacement

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    2011 Genesis Heat Deflector Replacement

    Hey, folks. After 5 years of heavy (year round, multiple times a week) use, I want to replace the heat deflectors on my EP-330. (I have SS flametamers from rcplanebuyer at eBay on the way due to finding pin holes in the original equipment SS when cleaning last week.) The original heat plates are PCI and still intact but getting kind of rough -- just time to get backups.

    The Weber replacement SS deflectors are reviewed on Amazon as "flimsy" (which the original PCI definitely were NOT). The only others shown are non-OEMs by GASPRO and Edgemaster. Anyone had any experience with either of these? I'm going to buy one or the other and will review, but I'd be happy to get any recommendations.
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    Ask rcplanebuyer. He might make them. He does make a similar looking heat deflector/flame tamer for go anywhere grills.
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