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Thread: This Mini WSM section gots me hooked! New Member + New Mini WSM Build "In Progress"

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    This Mini WSM section gots me hooked! New Mini WSM Build(S) "In Progress"

    Hello All,

    Taking the plunge into Low & Slow with the Mini WSM before committing to anything bigger.
    Really want a 18/22 WSM, but want to learn from the Mini before dropping the coin.

    Been gathering the parts I need to put a Mini WSM together. So far I have . . . .

    1x SJS & 1x SJG; Might swap to both SJG if I can find a good deal on another
    2x King Kooker 32 qt. Aluminum Pots - Got these on Close out
    . . . . ^ [Top is a "perfect" lid fit , bottom was a little loose, so I lined the SJ bowl with 1/2" width Lava Rock Nomex gasket & it REALLY snugged up the fit]
    2x Extra SJ Cooking Grates
    1x SS 9.75" Pie Pan; going to check it out before buying another

    To do:
    - Pick up some EM & ties for the charcoal basket & SS hardware for the pot/grates
    - Tel-Tru Temp Gauge
    - Drill a bunch of 1/2" holes on the bottom & 1/4" at grate level

    Just want to Thank everyone that has contributed to this section, Very much appreciated!
    Hope to be smoking on at least one of these Mini WSM in the next week!

    I'll post some pics once it's fired up!

    edit: Stacking parts to make 3-4x Mini WSM . . . I dont know why, but end of summer deals have me stacking parts for several of these. . . . Just picked up a IMUSA 32 qt. from a local market, but 50/50 if I'm going to keep this one. Might look into a 15-16 gallon drum setup for one of these SJG
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    Good luck and enjoy the build. I love my miniWSM and the work this little horse puts out. This weekend I will be dropping a nice AAA Brisket I am getting from my Highschool friend who is a 3rd generation butcher this week. Happy Days!

    I still have yet to place up my pics of the build - i should probably do that soon.
    MiniWSM -

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    Alfonzo Wallace*said:Today*07:07 AM

    I agree I'm hooked also. Just did my first smoke this weekend on my mini. I like it so much I'm probably going to do a jumbo joe smoker mod. I found a used jumbo joe for sale on Craigslist for 15$ so it offsets a little of the cost for these since pot.

    The jumbo joe could be your wsm 18.5.

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    I am wanting to build a mini wsm but need to figure out what's best to use since the modifications everyone is doing seems to be getting me flustered. I hope a list of things I need to buy and such can be helpful please. Also is the diffuser can be substituted with something else? Pictures and ideas are all welcome and I really want to make this for other family members as a gift for Christmas possibly so this is why I'm aiming for perfection thanks again. Also measurements for the build are helpful and hope this helps the forum out and bloggers please thanks again so sorry to bug everyone on a nice night of bbq time!

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