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Thread: Temperature Control On A Weber Kettle Grill

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    Temperature Control On A Weber Kettle Grill

    Kevin, please explain what method you use to achieve and maintain target temps on a Weber kettle grill. For some reason, I have a rather difficult (OK, make that practically impossible) time being able to perform this task, on a consistent basis, without having to constantly "mind the fire", so to speak.

    I should add that I generally use the minion method, leaving the top vent @ 100% open and adjusting only the lower vents.

    Thanks for any advice you might provide!
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    Kevin, there has been some previous discussion also on whether to control the temp on a kettle using the top or the bottom vents or both. Most of us use the bottom vents on the WSM and leave the top one 100% open, but I noticed that Jamie Purviance for example says in the Charcoal Grilling book to leave the bottom 100% open and control the temp with the top vent on the kettle. Would like to hear you thoughts on this aspect of it as part of your answer.
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    The amount of heat is from the amount of air that you allow to get to the fire. It only takes a small amount of air to make a low & slow fire. I take a piece of coat hanger wire to slip into the bottom vent slot and slide the one touch cleaning vent control untill it touches the wire. Now your vent is close to the lowest amount of air for the minion method, kettle smoke. I also leave the top vent all the way open unless it is out of control. Maybe this method will help.
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    I have used the minion method, the snake method and also adding coal every hour on the hour and what I have found works best is adding every hour. I hope this doesn't touch a nerve but this is one way I have gotten the best results. Now I would agree you have to mind the fire so to speak but that is part of the fun. The snake method is good but it has failed me more than once which is why I cannot defend any other position then adding each hour on the hour.


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