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Thread: Cleaning Weber Charcoal Grill

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    I got a 22.5 inch weber charcoal grill and the inside of the kettle is caked with built up grease. I have tried without any luck to clean the inside with warm soap and water. The grease is to thick. Is there something else I could use to cut the thick grease or is it just alot of elbow grease and work?


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    Spray some oven cleaner, let sit for a few minutes without letting it dry and scrub with a metal sponge or a ball of aluminum foil. It will take awhile but it should come off.

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    I agree with Alberto regarding the oven cleaner. On a recent restoration I used a couple of cans of cheap oven cleaner before I wised up and bought the good stuff - Easy OFF - there is a difference. Spray heavily then wrap the kettle in a big plactic bag to keep it from drying out and leave it overnight. A plastic putty knife works well to loosen the gunk. Good luck.
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    i used greased lightning (yellow bottle, not orange) and a plastic putty knife

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    I have found that the best way to clean the grease in kettles is with Brillo/SOS pads, hot water, and a little elbow grease. The steel wool with soap will cut through about any build-up. sometimes I use stainless steel HD scour pads with Dawn dishwasing soap, with about the same results. Also, I recommend some good long cuff rubber gloves for the job, it can be really tough on the hands.
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