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    Weber Wood Fire Pit

    I also have one that I have never used. Our local hardware store still had two of them sitting outside until earlier this year until a tornado hit the store and did some extensive damage. The fire pits are no longer there so they must have been damaged and thrown away. Both of them weren't in...
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    Added a Performer to my backyard last night

    Nice find. I like that color of blue. I have two Performers, a 1995 Red one that I restored about 10 years ago and a black 2007 model with an upgraded steel table. I hardly ever use either one of them anymore. I also have the SnS that I've only used a few times though it does work well.
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    Redhead Performer SS restoration

    I restored a Red SS Performer about 10 years ago. The frame has these little inserts inside the square tubes that the bolts screw into. These are a weak point on the frame and a lot of times the bolt gets rusted into the inserts and they either don't come out or break. Luckily mine did not...
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    Brisket Newb - Teach Me Brisket 101

    This is the one I use too and it works great. I also have the Dexter boning knife and it works great as well.
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    Can someone school me on the SS performer? What makes it desirable?

    I have a first generation Red SSP and a black 2nd generation Performer. I restored the red one about nine years ago and upgraded the table to the metal one on my 2nd gen. I hardly use either one of them but can't get myself to sell either of them yet.
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    Weber Master Touch Kettle Restore

    I still have one of these NIB that I bought at Walmart about 2 years ago on clearance for $99. I didn't need it but couldn't pass up the price. I may use the lid on my 2007 Performer that has a bent handle on it's lid. Nice score by the way.
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    Hanging meat in the WSM

    I have one of these racks for my 18 WSM which I've never used. I also have a PBC which I prefer over the WSM. Reading this thread has convinced me that I may need to try out my WSM again which I have not used for about three years. I started having problems getting the temps up so I quit...
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    Weber earns two spots in Popular Mechanics 12 Best Grills of 2017

    Very nice. I own two performers and that version of the PK grill that they tested. I also own the PK360 which is a very nice grill as well. Wayne
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    PK Grill, anyone else here have one?

    I also bought the new PK 360 back in December. I got one of the limited edition models. It is slightly bigger than the classic version they are selling now. I really like it and it seems to work as good as the older ones.
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    looking for new weber

    I have a PK(portable Kitchen) grill and while it is expensive, it is a very nice grill. It's very miserly on fuel. It also works very well at indirect. I use this grill way more than my Weber Performers. Wayne
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    Looking forward to the weekend

    I have the smoke thermometer and it works great. Much easier to program than my Maverick 732. Wayne
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    First low and slow attempt in a Weber 22" kettle

    They say that the Slow N Sear really helps in cooking low and slow on the Kettle. I have not tried mine out yet so I can't give you any first hand knowledge yet. Wayne
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    304 Stainless Steel Charcoal Baskets Heavy Duty Premium

    You might have gotten lucky and got some 304 ones. I still have four new un-opened sets of the Weber ones that I got on clearance at Lowes a couple of years ago for $5 a piece plus a couple of sets outside with the grills that are still serviceable so I'm good for awhile. Wayne
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    Thermapen Smoke

    I have always just put the probes through the top vent but I'm not taking the lid off all of the time either. I just received the new Smoke but have not used it yet. It looks like a quality product and is easier to program then my Maverick 732. I just bought the two extra probes for the Smoke...
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    Removing One Touch Cleaning System

    Did you soak it down with some type of penetrating/lubrication spray? Is there pressure against the handle that will not allow it to twist or move?