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    Another Free Genesis 1000 LX

    Welcome Roy I have as many Durawood slat as you need, also I have an extra knob for the control panel. I do not have the Z bars that you would need for the side table though. Feel free to PM me.
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    Genesis 2000 Restoration/Conversion to NG

    Thanks again DanHoo for the NG manifold. I am almost done with restoring it back to showroom quality.
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    Skyline 1200 parts - basket and manual

    Drew- I also sent PM
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    I will just leave this here

    Same here, a Genesis 1000 cook box and sides is $30
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    HOW TO: Replace The Regulator In A Weber Genesis 1000 Propane Gas Grill

    Do you have a link for this adapter?
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    NG Manifold for Genesis 1000

    I am also looking for an NG manifold for the Genesis x000 series.
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    NG Manifold for Genesis 1000

    Not yet.
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    Silver C Restoration

    burner tubes probably just need clean. Bruce has a How To video on burner tube cleaning.
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    Manifold resto

    You got it...WE ARE..
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    Can you Paint the inside of your cookbox

    I vote for sandblasting the inside of the cookbook to get back to the bare cast aluminum.
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    Manifold resto

    Here is my entry to join the club. I restored this LP manifold awhile ago, just haven't had a grill to put it in yet. I used a VHT blue caliper paint for the manifold just because I had some available .
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    HaHa, I thought that it was a little strange when I saw that post. That one would be a little far for me to go to pick up a grill. Let me know if you acquire that manifold though, thanks.
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    Well, if you get one, I can trade an LP manifold to you.
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    I am looking to buy a NG manifold for a Genesis x000 model grill. I could also do a trade with an LP manifold of the same style.