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    Whiskey - what's your current favorite?

    Jim, outstanding summary! Thanks! You should try their cask strength. It has a tendency to slap you in a different way than the rye’s you mentioned. I have been fortunate enough to have some Pappy and didn’t even include that is this discussion since it is so tough to find. I will never forget...
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    Whiskey - what's your current favorite?

    Jeff, I love the cask strength! When we toured the distillery they were test marketing it and we bought 2 bottles and I have been hooked ever since! I keep two or three in stock in case of emergencies! 😂 Seriously, if you buy cask strength drink it at home! It will sneak up on you!
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    Whiskey - what's your current favorite?

    Makers is my favorite as well. When we toured the distillery my wife and I learned why we love it. They use more corn than most producers. They use about 70% corn in their mash. More corn produces more sugar and a sweetener bourbon! I met the founders son and he said his dad created Makers in...
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    ThermoWorks 18% Off Sitewide

    Has anyone used ThermoWorks probes with a BBQ guru ATC? Just wondering if they were interchangeable. Thanks.
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    Brisket for Breakfast on Memorial Day

    For the first time I put 2 briskets in my WSM 22 and they turned out great! I love brisket for breakfast!