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    Question about Legs for Weber Smokey Joe (Pre-90s)

    Welcome Joey. You could drill a hole in each of the leg tabs and screw or bolt a metal pie plate to them. That would probably give the rigidity you need. Also I would put small flat washers on the outside where the legs go through the bowl and fender washers on the inside to spread out the force...
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    Hi from GA!

    Glad to have you on board Harland. And remember, we love pictures with your posts.
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    Hey from Brisbane, Australia :)

    Welcome from the East coast of Canada. Looks like you have caught the dreaded Weberitis, which is incurable. Refurbishing these wonderful old grills is a great hobby and it looks like you are well on your way. Enjoy it!
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    Weber Genesis 1200 Skyline grill

    I am liking this suggestion Ed, thanks.
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    Weber Genesis 1200 Skyline grill

    Steve, I have access to a welder but not acetylene torches so might try using three pieces and welding them together. If not I will probably get a local welding shop here to heat and bend it for me. Being in Canada most places I could order this part from in the US won’t ship here or if they do...
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    Weber Genesis 1200 Skyline grill

    Ed, yours might have extended all the way through the bracket under the shelf if it didn’t have the swaging on it like Steve’s. This should work as the critical length is between the two bends. I can always adjust and cut the ends as needed.
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    Weber Genesis 1200 Skyline grill

    Steve and Ed, thanks a lot! Much appreciated. My project is to to get this made through the winter for next spring.
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    What do I have?

    I am with Larry, looks like a Q200. I think you can still get aftermarket one piece grates on Amazon and some of the two piece ones come with the clips for the older models so check if they do. Some are plain cast iron, not enameled. I think these are better as the enamel won’t flake off but...
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    Cleaning Valves

    Patience might work. I put PB Blaster on those screws twice a day for a week before it loosed them up and I got them out. They were not as bad as yours but one or two applications of penetrating fluid might not be enough. Drilling just the head off so it comes apart and then gripping the...
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    As the song goes, it’s all yellowwww!!!

    They do offer colours around the world that are unfortunately not sold in North America. 🙁
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    Weber Genesis 1200 Skyline grill

    This part of the thread about the swing table rod differences has been interesting. That said, I have a favour to ask. I have lost this rod off the left swing table on my 3000 and would like to fabricate a new one. I need the diameter of the rod and the exact lengths of each section if someone...
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    1998 Burgundy Genesis 1000 XL

    I love those Burgundy hoods. That should clean up really nice Dave.
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    In appreciation

    Darren, I couldn’t have said it better if I tried. Thanks Chris for hosting us!
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    Request: Simple Tacos... Yeah, I don't know what that means.

    Looks Great Michael. What did your Aunt think?
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    Newbie in NY

    Was it on this site that someone was 3D printing those? I can’t seem to find it. Mike, maybe you should post it in the Weber Gas grill section of this forum as not everyone reads the introduce section.