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    National Cheese Burger Day (aka Go Giants Burgers)

    Whats the bun, looks like pita maybe. gotta try that
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    Canadian Bacon

    Thanks for the details I really appreciate this, thank you so much. I will book this post for reference.
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    Canadian Bacon

    always wanted to try that. What cure did you use? covered or uncovered in the fridge?
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    Genesis SS, spark, but no light

    I am assuming it lights and burns properly when lit with a stick lighter. If so I am going to follow this thread because thats puzzling and i would like to know what the problem is.
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    The Humor Thread

    me too
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    When you started grilling….

    OK fess up, did you ever use gasoline as lighter fuel when you first started?
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    The Virtual Weber Bullet 23rd Anniversary

    Great I have learned a lot from this web site since I found it 19 years ago.
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    My Find & free items

    scored a 22 kettle, with weber cover, weber charcoal starter, and a replacement 22 inch grate that has hinged sides all for 25 bucks. look like it might have been used maybe 12 times. never cooked on a kettle just my old 18 WSM. Now I have for FREE the original 22 grate and the weber charcoal...
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    E-620 NG to LP conversion

    Have to agree. Being older I covered the hole and just set the tank on the plywood cover.
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    Short Ribs and Burnt Ends

    Thanks Dan. I'll crank heat up next time.
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    Short Ribs and Burnt Ends

    those ribs look great. How long and what temp. did you cook? Mine never look like that.
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    i agree with you. I really like the flats.
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    Just got my CBJ

    Enjoy. i met some great people while judging, finally hung it up a couple yrs ago, after judging 21 or so years.
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    Poor Man’s Tenderloins

    That really looks great. I wish the usda still required grade in the package. some are labeled but the majority are not marked.
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    Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

    Wife and I got 2nd Moderna shot Feb 12. she ran fever for 2 days complained of achy arm for 3 days. Me just sore arm for 2 days.