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    Wrap-up and Thank You to Jamie!

    It's been fun, guys. Thanks to all of you who asked questions and added your experiences. I always learn something in the sessions. And I appreciate the chance to hear from so many people around the country. You know, I spend a lot of time cooking on my own in the backyard. It's cool. I love it...
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    Sear Temp

    Michael, thanks very for the question and for using my books. It seems that you really like raging hot temp for searing. 1400 degrees is mighty hot. It's not quite surface-of-the-sun hot, but it's much hotter than what I use for searing steaks. I'm not looking to blacken them. I just want create...
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    Just a Thank You Jamie

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind word. It's good to spend the time with you.
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    Tried Kettle Fried Chicken?

    Yes, Jason, I did see the info at your link.
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    Store bought oh no

    Jason, it's true that I don't buy them often. With many of the marinades, you are paying a lot of $$ for mostly water, and the spice rubs tend to have more salt and sugar (cheap ingredients) than I prefer. This store-bought items do offer convenience but I find it pretty easy to mix up whatever...
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    Grilled tofu...should I even ask?

    Sam, I know what you mea. Tofu has a reputation as being tasteless health food for people actively trying to deprive themselves of pleasure. The thing is, tofu has been made and enjoyed around the world for thousands of years. If it was really bad, it would not have lasted. Sure, there are some...
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    Sous vide!?!

    That makes sense. It's amazing that those machine can hold meat at a stable temperature for hours. There is a practical value in that, for sure.
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    Any trendy ingredients turning you on?

    That's amazing, Dave. I tip my hat to Kroger for stocking it.
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    Time vs Temp.

    Tim, I usually work with temps in the 250 to 275 range.
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    Tried Kettle Fried Chicken?

    Jason, I did experiment a lot recently with grilling and smoking chicken wings that have the best possible crispiness. I found that baking powder can be really helpful here. In Weber's Ultimate Grilling, I have a Grill Science column where I go into details about all sort of things related to...
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    A good charcoal brand?

    Brian, while writing "Weber's Ultimate Grilling," I cooked with Weber briquettes exclusively and came to appreciate their advantages over some of the other big brands. They burn with really appealing aromas and I like the face that I am not cooking over nasty chemicals designed to assist in...
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    Thank you for the response

    Thanks, Rich. I'll definitely look into that. I love hearing that you and Barb are having a good time with outdoor cooking. You guys have such nice weather for it. If you ever want to share some tips on smoked meatloaf, I'm all ears. If you post them on my FB page, I'm sure others would also...
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    Drilling down on your backyard grilling

    Truth be told, they do like my pizzas better than pizza for the take-out joint. I make my own dough. The recipe is in Weber's Ultimate Grilling. I also give a recipe for a Classic Tomato, Mozzarella. and Basil Pesto. This is followed by four variations that are easy to make: Mushroom and Garlic...
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    Wine to pair with seafood?

    Yup, my best advice is to drink what you like. Now there might be some cautions to keep in mind. If you happen to like big, tannic red wines, they might clash with some seafood dishes. I would not pair a Cabernet with bbq oysters, for example. Most white wines will work well and some of the...
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    grilling fish/ beginners guide

    Jon, you are spot on. The mayo in the green goddess dressing does prevent sticking and the whole dressing add a fantastic flavor. It looks like you are well on your way to grilling seafood and green tomatoes,and bunch of other things. If you don't mind, please take some pictures and post them on...