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    Pork Roast

    That looks great!
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    Forever Pork or pork forever…

    That looks great!
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    Just Chicken (vol 12,329)

    That chicken looks very nice!
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    Salt Block seared Porterhouse

    That looks mighty good!
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    Great job!
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    Reverse Seer Tri Tip

    Great music and food!
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    Went a little overboard today

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    Colder weather brings chili

    Looking good!
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    Vortex Dr. pepper chili wings

    I love wings, those look great!
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    Smoked cream cheese

    That looks awesome!
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    Go Braves Tacos

    Some mighty good vittles right there!
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    Genesis ... Old Meets New

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    Today’s smoked salmon

    That looks great!
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    Pesto makes everything better…

    I love pesto!