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    Battery Setup questions.

    FWIW this is similar to what @WBegg uses and is what I am going to purchase. Decent power, can be used as a portable power bank for other purposes too, no need for a separate charging device/alligator clips/etc. Small enough to throw in a waterproof box...
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    Take a peek at my rain resistant box.

    Nice work. Does the blower working through the resistance of the tube change anything?
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    HeaterMeter Monitor and ESP8266/ESP32 Streaming Library

    Planning on building this soon. Thanks Bryan!
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    DC power extension

    Awesome details, thanks folks. Side related question... if instead of using the A/C PSU I just used a 12V battery (either the one WBegg uses or the scooter one Bryan likes), does that change anything? I presume the voltage loss concerns are the same but is the added noise still in play? I'll...
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    DC power extension

    Any concerns with using a DC barrel type power extension like this in between the Triad PSU and the HM? Was planning on buying a 12' to simplify my power setup during questionable weather.
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    Cold weather (-20c ; -4F) crash - fan 100% and lost EEPROM info

    I've used mine in Minnesota winter without issues. The LCD doesn't like the move too quickly but nothing has died to date.
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    Feature Spotlight: LidTrack Smarter Lid Mode Detection

    Looking forward to trying this soon.
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    HeaterMeter and Lithium Jump Starter Battery?

    @WBegg I presume this version with an additional USB output would work exactly the same?
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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    I'd love to be in the drawing! I will hand off my original to my neighbor if I win!
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    Looking for 3D printed port cover for 4.3 case

    Are those parts designed already by chance? Are the STL's available?
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    Can I swap out the PI?

    I can see no issues with this. And yes you will have to reflash/have a separate card.
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    Community 3D Printer / Assembly / Trading Resources

    @ChrisB in Miami , just those adapters? I could print them in PLA+ for you.
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    HM 4.2.4 3D Printed Case

    An FYI for those looking for a case for a HM 4.2 with Raspberry Pi Zero W (RPi Zero W); the 2line-TC-Rpi-A+ or 2line-probe-Rpi-A+ cases work as is, as does the Heater Meter 4.2 Sliding Back Case located at
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    Fusion 360 issues

    Yup works! I now know that i have about a 0.05mm bad angle to the barrel jack soldering so I do have to fiddle to close it, but it otherwise works great.