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    Two New(to me) Go Anywhere Grills

    Have seen them put in the middle and to one side of the handle but not sure that it is much use.
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    Smoking on Weber q2200

    This has been discussed many times. I sadly cannot remember his name but he was from Australia and he had cooking on the qs wired down including smoking.
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    Refinishing wood handles

    Lightly sand mine and then use spar urethane. They stay in good shape for a long time. And if it gets a bit weathered, just sand and spray again.
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    Rusty grate can I save it?

    Clean and scrub it. Maybe some sandpaper. Plenty of metal left. Oil it up and keep it oiled and it will last for a very long time. I have cleaned and used ones worse than that.
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    Smaller chimney no longer available ?

    Ok, thanks guys. I see thry are available online. Just odd that weber no longer shows them.
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    Go-Anywhere Gas Grill with Marlboro wooden handles

    Check all the openings for spider webs, etc. If it still wont light, check the schrader valve and the outlet jet. If still no go then the regulator is bad. On your handles, lightly sand them and then spray them with the spar varnish. They will look great for a long time.
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    Wife made me buy a camper...

    Just a heads up that some places do not allow charcoal, open fires. So for that case one needs to get a q grill.
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    Smokey Joe now in colors in the US

    The issue was that ashes would plug up the bottom vent. So i came up with the can fix. But having bothe the sj and the gold, i found for the mini smoker, the gold worked the best. For grilling, the sj was great. Either way, just use what works for you. Its fun doing all this testing.
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    Fire not coming from 25% of the burners

    Those burners are ss. Nothing should go wrong with them. The holes need to be cleaned properly. Go to lowes or whatever and get a gas/oxy tip cleaner. Then use the proper fitting one to clean out the holes. Each cleaner rod has a rough area, kind of like a file that you need to use to get the...
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    Smaller chimney no longer available ?

    Is the smaller one no longer made ? Dont see it on webers sight. I ask because i was going to mention it to someone but decided to look first and its not there.
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    Weber rotisserie

    There really is nothing wrong with the older style. I even tried sealing the gap with aluminum foil, no differance. Seems like an ocd thing than a functional thing.
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    Not Available in US

    This reminds me that i still need to make a rottiserie setup for my q220. Really made me mad when i first saw webers setup for europe only.
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    Wobbly legs

    The one that most did was drill a hole in the leg socket and leg and use a screw to hold them in. If mine get bad i just take the leg out and expand the end a touch. But basically, they are always wobbly.
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    First use of my charcoal Go Anywhere

    I would like to thin down my collection of ga grills. I have both. But some are only good for parts. Anyone near visalia ca, let me know.