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    calibrate/use unknown temp probes?

    to find out which probe to 'trust', you can test which one gives the correct temperature with a water boil temperature test. Water will boil around 211f.... but depends on your elevation (see chart)
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    Multiplexing the TC port - Is it feasible?

    The idea of the 'external board box' would have some issues. The TC +/- cables can only be extended with the same TC cable-type material. So you'd have to run data lines and a thermo couple cable to the box that has the mux/demux. IMO the best is to use SPI to a MAX TC/mux external board...
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    my all Thermocouple HM min-build

    looking at that octo TC board is kinda 'neat'.... if it actually works (I found other shields/schematics online that have a TC multiplexed as well).... that would be super simple/cheap to support 4-8 TCs... Seems that it needs 125ms between switch/read but that's not too bad. You could read...
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    Probe Holder

    wonder if it had another probe 'tube-holder' on the opposite corner if it could hold two probes on one piece.... also, does the jack end 'snap' anywhere, or does it move freely?....
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    Espress for HeaterMeter Module (wifi with no Pi/Linkmeter needed)

    Hi FredB, For the latest install instructions and files, download this file. the zip has the esp8266 flasher for windows, that will help you flash the bin and I believe will also tell you the size of the flash.... if you have any questions after reading the pdf within that zip, you can email...
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    my all Thermocouple HM min-build

    WBegg is correct... it already support 4 TCs, just have to add the extra TC units. I just chose two for now to keep the size down and I've never needed/used more than 1 food probe for my cooks.....
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    my all Thermocouple HM min-build

    great! all code is here: you can email me directly : david at I can give you more info and answer any questions...
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    New to this forum looking for a solution for my situation.

    list looks good.... I would add a small item (if you don't already have it).... a usb power connector board, something like this: let me know when it all that you're going to go with 4 thermocouples!!
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    New to this forum looking for a solution for my situation.

    No need for the RPi...the wemos will handle what you (the esp8266) is a great little chip! I'm finalizing v2 of my espress project. It has full local web pages for graphing/local interface with no need for an internet connection if you don't want to use a cloud service.
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    New to this forum looking for a solution for my situation.

    you could try a simple 'yet - super geeky' mini build like mine:
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    Anyone have nice examples of pit probe placement above meat in kamado?

    12" probe seems long for a pit probe.....if you had one of those small ones that have an alligator clip on the end, maybe you could 'clip' it onto the top of a meat probe? That would be a cool idea....a meat probe/pit probe combo probe.... the handle of the meat probe would have a TC(or...
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    PitDroid: An Android app for your HeaterMeter

    It worked for me....I just 'joined beta' on bottom of app page and in a few minutes was able to 'update'....
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    Setting up my HeaterMeter - battery power and headless

    With Jason's code changes last week and a little bit of 'salt' added from me, the Espress Module is emulating the JSON so that it works with PitDroid. I just tried it out and it works. No Graphs though, I don't know the json/url format that it/HM does....
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    Setting up my HeaterMeter - battery power and headless

    you can email me directly david at and we can troubleshoot quicker/better......
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    Setting up my HeaterMeter - battery power and headless

    if you're on 1.2, make sure you copy over the new html files as they have the feature of off-line and direct access to HM...good idea, I'll add a version to somewhere via html... BIN files are for esp8266 firmwares(those are made by the IDE compile)....AVR files are for the atmega...