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    Iowa here

    Hey Shawn! Welcome.
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    Wisconsin > Madison: Beef Butter BBQ

    Thanks for posting Brad. Next time I'm in Madison, I'll have to check it out.
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    New table for my EX6!!

    Looks like a match made in Heaven.
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    Love the searing add on for the Weber GBS

    Now I'm really hungry! Looks awesome. Weather here has been lousy. All the grocers are out of meat in our area. First it was toilet paper, then sanitizer, now meat.
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    Red beans and rice

    First time I had red beans and rice was at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in 1985. My wife makes it a couple times a year. Always enjoy the flavor, the texture, and probably eat too much. But when it's so good, it's hard not to.
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    Wisconsin > Mercer: Lazy Ace Saloon

    Brad, been to Joe's several times.
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    Wisconsin > Mercer: Lazy Ace Saloon

    The Lazy Ace Saloon 1704W Manitowish Road Mercer, WI 54547 Up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, along Hwy 51, just South of the little town of Mercer, is a place called The Lazy Ace Saloon. Their brisket is to die for. Pulled pork is awesome. Ribs? Well, thus far, have...
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    Are old frozen ribs safe?

    Safe? Yes. Texture of the meat might be a bit off, but if you cook it slow, should be fine.
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    Wood Handle Upgrade

    Really looks nice Kyle. May have to give consideration to getting one for my Crimson Performer.
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    First Cook on New Performer

    Did not add an extra. Bought this one Midwest Thermometer and installed it rather than the one from Weber.
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    SS Performer Restoration

    Thanks Kyle. Good info.
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    SS Performer Restoration

    So yesterday while running some charcoal in my new Performer, I sat down and looked at my 2003 SS Performer sitting on the patio, all alone, and I began to contemplate doing a restore. Called Weber, and 30 minutes later, I was talking to a rep. I was originally going to clean it up a bit, and...
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    First Cook on New Performer

    It's Crimson, sort of red.
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    First Cook on New Performer

    Grilled some Iowa Corn Fed NY Strips and Asparagus. Oh was it good.
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    What Is This?

    Doh! Makes sense. Have not used any matches in over ten years. Thanks for responding.