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    Brand New Damper Design - "The Micro Damper"

    Yeah, Type B cable for sure. I wired the male end exactly as described in the doc so it really seems like the pinout on the female for my parts doesn't line up. Not a big deal for me, just thought I'd post in case somebody else runs into it. Really satisfied with my purchase :)
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    PitDroid: An Android app for your HeaterMeter

    I'm getting the same thing. Wonder if this app doesn't line up with the current version of hm. What's weird is the stats load so I know it's getting to the right address, just can't do admin stuff. I noticed the logs below in the syslog, seems to line up with when I try and put my password in...
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    Brand New Damper Design - "The Micro Damper"

    Just a heads up, looks like the wiring diagram here is not entirely correct. Specifically the female TRRS wiring, I ended up needing to do the following (using pin numbers on diagram) 1. Red Servo (5v, RJ45 pin 3, white-green) 2. Red Fan (12v, RJ45 pin 5, white-blue 3. Orange Servo (signal...