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Jeff Swearingen
06-03-2013, 09:18 PM
Famous Dave! My question has two parts. 1) Historically speaking, which 3 people have influenced you the most in your culinary life? 2) If you could cook for those same 3 people now, what would you prepare for them and why?


"Famous Dave" Anderson
06-04-2013, 08:09 PM
The three people who have influenced me the most would be my dad, my mom, and I'll answer the third one as a group later in my answer. First I say my dad because he was born in Idabel OK right smack in the bible belt where barbecue and southern home cooking were a rite of passage. All my dad's life...he was about southern home cooking and barbecue. I knew we were a different family growing up because when all the other kids were going out to eat...they were going out for burgers and pizza. My dad was taking us out for barbecue at Eddie's Real Pit Bar-BQ in Chicago. Or he knew every black-owned store front barbecue joint in Chicago and he would bring ribs home to us. Then my mom because I learned how to cook in her Indian Fry Bread Stand that she would set up at Indian Pow-wows on the various reservations. Even though it was a lean-to tarp covered stand... I learned about the basics of cooking and how to keep a spotlessly clean stand... plus I learned that no matter how tired she was, she always had a gentle smile for everyone and a cheerful greeting. The third person would be the black owned barbecue joints that my dad used to frequent. These old timers knew how to work a real pit where the coals were directly under the meat. They never left their pit unattended because in pits like this you would get frequent flare-ups but this is how these incredible tasty barbecued meats were made...something you can't achieve in an offset smoker. I think I would prepare them my own ribs as my family always loved real pit smoked ribs and I would prepare real southern fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, a tangy spicy cole slaw, sweet corn, fresh string beans, sweet tea, apricot fried pies, and real peach cobbler! Then I throw in some new stuff like my Monster cherry cream cheese bacon wrapped jalapeņos and stuffed artichoke parmesan mushrooms for appetizers! I guarantee you... you'd want to be at this dinner!!! Blessings... "Famous Dave"