View Full Version : Stogie's Smoked Chuck Roast & Pot Roast

Doug D
03-25-2008, 07:11 AM
From Kevin Taylor's archived website:

Smoked Chuck Roast

Chuck is a nice inexpensive cut of beef that rivals a brisket. It makes for a very good BBQ meat. The chuck is comprised of several cuts... most of which are very fatty. The one shown here is called a Chuck Eye Roast and it weighed in at 3 lbs. The butcher will cut one to your size if you choose. Just be sure when choosing your roast, buy one of the fatty cuts.

Very little trimming is needed. I cut off all the fat on the outer perimeter of the meat.

Cooking the chuck requires time and I also believe foiling enhances the outcome. Prepare as you would any BBQ meat...rub the night before, wrap and refrigerate. Fire up the smoker and cook at 240-260 with the wood of your choice. Because these muscles are the most worked part of the steer, this cut is extremely tough and will take forever to break down. The 3 pounder above took 9 1/2 hrs. to cook! So, plan accordingly. I foiled this one after 7 hours and cooked an additional 2 1/2 hrs. at temps around 260.

I have found through extensive testing that the internal meat temps are meaningless when smoking chuck. So, I have purposely left them out. Just plan on an extra long cooking time...3 hrs./lb.

When you crack open that foil.....what an intoxicating aroma that comes speeding out of that package! It pulled like a well cooked pork butt with most of the fat rendered. You will lose 1/2 of the raw weight due to shrinkage and fat loss.

Pot Roast

Another thing you can do with chuck roast is make a nice pot roast dinner....complete with veggies. The one shown here is made with package mixes and beef broth........

Combine 1 of each of the following dry mixes........Italian Seasoning, Ranch Dressing, Brown Gravy. Sprinkle this on both sides of the meat. I use about 1/2 the mixture and save the rest, but many folks dump the whole amount onto the meat. Then add 1 cup of beef stock or liquid of your choice. Place in the smoker and cook at 240-260, uncovered for the first 2 hours. Then cover the top and cook another 5-6 hours. Add your veggies with 2 hours to go.

To my tastes, this way of preparing is far superior to a crockpot!