View Full Version : CDN Model DSP-1 Wired Dual Temp Probe Digital Thermometer Report

09-24-2008, 06:06 AM

I've used this thermometer for a few smoking and grilling sessions now & I thought Iíd let anyone who might be interested in an inexpensive wired thermometer know how itís working out.

First off, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the one I received arrived with the probe clip on the side broken. When I first contacted CDN, the nice woman I spoke with there said the clip was replaceable. She called me back a few days latter for clarification and discovered that the clip on the side was not replaceable. She had me hold on the call while she went back to engineering. When she came back to the telephone she told me they could see the issue of how the clip might break when removed from the packaging or during normal use. She thanked me for contacting them to alert them of my problem as this was a model they just introduced. She indicated that they would redesign the clip as a result of this issue. As a thank you, she sent me a brand new unit at no charge. Great customer service!

This unit has a wired probe with a sensor for the food, and a sensor at the top of the same probe for oven (lid) temp. I love this thing! It works great, seems very accurate when temps are compared to analog thermometers, and is easy to read from fairly far away. The audible and visual alerts for both food and lid temps are a nice touch too.

To sum it up: Good company, great price, nice features, and very convenient to use. Itís held up through a few cooks now and it appears to be well made. Recommended.