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Ryan Gardner

I see you are on twitter.

You're even following me on twitter... but you've never posted a single tweet
(although I see now by looking that you have replied to one person now - so your page isn't entirely blank anymore)

I saw in another post that you are also on facebook - if you haven't looked into it yet, the twitter app for facebook is really nice because you can use twitter to dump all your status updates from twitter into facebook and then you can use one spot to update your status on other places.

I almost missed the chance to harass you about it because I was busy the early part of this week and didn't see until today that this forum thread existed... But had you posted a tweet about it... I'd have been all over it!

Jamie Purviance

TVWBB Super Fan
Okay, Ryan. You have inspired me. I'll try to start tweeking regularly. I just posted this one:

"Ready to put ribs on smoker. Peel the membrane off now or after ribs are cooked?"

I've always peeled ribs before cooking but last week at the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, I met some very good barbecue teams that insist on waiting until the ribs are cooked. They say the membrane holds in the meat juices.

What do you guys think?

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Can you even get the membrane off after cooking? I've never tried! I've always been a pre-cook removal guy.

Actually, these days Swift has been doing the work for me. Every time I buy pork loin back ribs at Costco, the membrane has already been removed. I may forget how to peel a rib if things continue this way.

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