Yo! to everyone from Philadelphia suburbs


M Kevin B

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Yo! from Philadelphia suburbs

Hello all, coming to you live from just outside the City of Brotherly Love. I have been a fan of grilled meats for as long as I can remember, and I've got the stomach to prove it. I've been fortunate to know many great cooks, as my efforts in this arena have always been disappointing. Could be the equipment - I've used plenty of Charbroil and Brinkman junk over the years - but I'm also man enough to admit that my grilling skills are sorely lacking. All of this stops now. I have purchased a vintage Genesis 1000 LX :redgenesis1: which I will be nursing back to health. And I am determined to improve my grill proficiency by reading and cooking as often as I can. I have no doubt that the vast experience shared on this board will be invaluable to me. Wish me luck!
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