WSM smoke day 2018 - from Africa with love ;)

Anne M.

TVWBB Super Fan
They didn't come to a final conclusion, but they are all being eaten anyway....

I hard boiled the eggs, basically by putting eggs in water, bring to a boil and turn off the heat. After 10 minutes they are nicely boiled.
I then cooled them down under the cold tap. Don't know if that would have been necessary or even if it had an effect as some peeled easy and some didn't.
I didn't peel them at this time, but just cracked the shell and put them on the WSM for the last 30-60 minutes that the chicken was cooking.
I suppose you can peel them, but I was scared they might dry out too much.

I ate one as was, the other 3 got mashed up with some cream cheese, yoghurt, fresh basil and a little vinegar and chili.
I also added some shredded chicken to part of this.
Works very well and very very easy :cool:

Credit to Steven Raichlen. Can't remember which of his books I stole the idea from though

Dan C. FL

Mmmm... chicken!!!! Glad that you were part of the celebration! I've never cooked a chicken breast side down, so now I'm curious: Do you always cook breast side down? Whole cook or just part?

Anne M.

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I started doing that with turkey in the hope that it would sort of baste the breast with the more fatty top.
It was the first time turkey actually tasted nice, but it was also the first time doing a turkey in a kettle braai :confused:

Frankly, I don't really think it makes a difference.
Sometimes I turn, sometimes I don't

Timothy F. Lewis

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I like the cracked shell egg smoking technique, I did some some time back and they were not very interesting, I will try that again, just for fun.