wsm 22 cook, advise please


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This was my 2nd cook, 4.5kilo brisket. This one being overnight could anyone advise on pid settings ect.

Strange my first cook there was less fluctuations, although it was a hot day.

Fuel was weber briquettes, no water, pizza stone foiled and put in pan

Thanks all

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Gary V

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The control looks a little hot. You might try lowering your P value to 2.5 and raise your I value to .003. Not sure what your using for your damper, but once you flatten out the oscillations, you can start playing with the fan settings. Oscillations usually mean the Gain is too high and the intregal is too low. Also be careful your pit probe is not seeing direct flame from coals. Pit probe needs to monitor the grills air temp, not direct flame temp. Close to coals is good, but no flame. Last, make sure your seal up well and air comes in damper and out the exhaust of grill. I know these grill do not seal like ceramic grills, but a well sealed grill does control better. You might also try some lump charcoal. Royal Oak brand from HD works well and burns long.

Good luck