WSM 18/ 2-13lb turkeys plan need guidance

Planning to smoke two turkeys on my WSM 18.5 for thanksgiving. Both birds are approx 13lbs and target temp is 325. Using both racks. Brining for 24 and letting stand refrigerated 24 before smoke. My brine calls for a rinse. Spraying with olive oil. Then light Rudy’s turkey rub. Using Kingsford briquettes with apple wood chunks. Planning for 15 min a pound. Using couple Reynolds pans to hold turkeys. Still may try to spatchcock. Leaning towards pan. Considering apple juice for water pan but have seen recommended nothing. Was going to rotate and flip birds about an hour and a half in. Using a BBq guru fan to help maintain temp. Question is am I missing anything or any recommendations from anyone. First post. Gleaned what I could from search menu. Cooking for 28 this year so looking for a home run. Thanks for the add and any guidance.

Kelley Brown

Spatchcock them and switch the top and bottom grate about 1.5 - 2 hrs in.

Cooking for 28? Might want to do a practice run. Turkey is cheap this year.

Jim Strickland

By rotating you mean from bottom rack to top rack and vise versa then yes l've done that. Just move them quickly and get that lid closed. If crispy skin matters then go with a dry pan. Good luck, l'm feeding 21 so l feel your pain.

KE Quist

+1 on spatchcocking the turkeys, if you can. Also rotating top/bottom partway through cook. The spatchcocking will give you more even cooking, and better temperature results between the breast meat and the dark meat.
Thanks. Now also now smoking a third turkey on 22 kettle! Off to research now. If anyone is using a 22 kettle for bird, could use tips. Doing research now...
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Turkeys came out amazing. Nothing but compliments on how juicy and well the smoke flavor was. Could not have been successful without website. First time posting pictures so here goes:
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