Wood selection for brisket...any ideas?


Richard S

I’m putting a 17 pound brisket on tonight.
i usually do a combo of hickory and cherry...
Any other suggestions?
I will doing it on my 18 with B&B.
I I have some pecan, apple and mesquite...


Mesquite can be very heavy and some people don’t always like it. However, I’ve done very small piece of mesquite and apple. Also hickory and apple in normal sizes work well too. Fruit woods with hickory or oak also go well. It just depends what you’re seeking. I’d just avoid 100% mesquite. It’d be very heavy for my own flavor profile. If you’re going to cut off that super slim edge of the flat, the part that always dries out, I’d grind that into some other beef and make a mesquite burger. Now those are good because they get a hint of smoke and don’t overwhelm a burger.

Pat G

TVWBB Emerald Member
I like post oak for brisket. There is a local craftsman that makes things out of Makers Mark oak casks and he sells the scrap pieces. That has been my go to lately for PP and meatloaf. I haven't tried it on a brisket yet.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Olympian
I’ve been using barrel staves lately for brisket,
The first were scotch whisky pieces from a member in Scotland, the last was a batch of bourbon/Merlot pieces from ”Fruita wood“ to be honest, they were both equally amazing from a flavor perspective, very different but equally delicious. I’ll use the rest of the bourbon stock for the SRF brisket in a few weeks.
Next week, cherry under a big butt!