Woo hoo- 4 for 4 on overnight cooks!

John P

New member
As a newbie poster but longtime lurker on this board, I wanted to share my success with overnight cook number 4- a pair of 6lb boneless chuck roasts this past weekend.

After waking up repeatedly during the night for cooks 1 and 2 (both picnic shoulders), I've come to trust the WSM as a long-term temperature holder. This time I set it up with a minion start around 10 PM, added 4 chunks of apple wood, tossed the meat on, gave it an hour to get up to temp, turned the bottom vents to about 33% open, and went to bed. At 8:30AM the roasts were at 160 and the smoker temp was down to 200- a quick foiling, tapping of the ashes, and I had plenty of fuel to finish the cook, pulling the roasts off at maybe 205* internal around 11 AM. I didn't even put a thermometer into the meat until I woke up in the morning!

It really doesn't get much easier than that- people are universally impressed when I talk about how the meat "took 14 hours to cook". I neglect to mention that I spent most of the time sleeping and/or watching "Saturday Night Live"!

Happy 'cueing,
John P

Clay Cope

ditto. It's so nice once you learn your smoker and develop that trust so you can actually sleep at night. Splended!