Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner - Weber Deluxe Poultry Roaster



I was looking around on the internet trying to figure out what our old grill might be worth. I found someone selling a Weber Deluxe Poultry Roaster new in the box for $20. It normally sells for $48. My partner loves roasted chicken. It is one of her favorite meals. We bought the roaster. This one:

Last night we tried it out on our grill. My partner made it with Miller Light beer in the cup and used her own homemade rub. We cooked it with indirect heat around 300-400 (on the lid) for an hour and 20 minutes. We also grilled potatoes. It was all delicious. To my surprise, the roaster cleaned up very easily. We had coated it with olive oil before mounting the chicken, and the non-stick coating really worked.

Quite honestly, it was nothing to write home about, especially compared with what people make around here. If it weren't that others might be interested in the Weber poultry roaster, I wouldn't have bothered.

Chicken Roaster.jpg

Chicken Dinner.jpg

Rich G

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Emory, this is one of my favorite meals, and yours turned out great! Chicken looks nice and moist, great color, too. Simple roasted chicken, baked tater, and some veggies is a go-to around here!

I think I've seen pics of the poultry roaster before, and looks like it works really well. I haven't made a vertical chicken in a long time, as I tend to either rotisserie or butterfly/spatchcock these days!

Thanks for sharing this!



We bought the chicken at Smart and Final, a regional store in the Western US, mostly California. It cost us around $11, and we picked a smaller chicken. It was a whole chicken, unseasoned, uncooked.

What leaves me slightly unhappy is the fact that the same store sells their roasted chickens (the website says 3 pounds), hot and ready to eat for $7.99. Costco sell larger roasted chickens for $4.99.

Michael Richards

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I love all whole chicken cooks and the color on your is out of bounds!!! I love that you have a wing on the plate, the wings never made it to the plate in my house they are the chefs (my right hand daughter and me) treats while craving for service!


Adding some clarifications:

Some of that "char" look is actually darkened rub.

We struggled with temperature. Most of the chicken was "done" sooner, but late in the cooking I found areas in the body of the chicken behind the thighs that were much cooler (around 160 F). It was frustrating, because I had to open the lid and poke more holes than I wanted. Some of the liquid in the tray is the result of "leakage" from the holes left by Thermopen temperature readings.

After I posted this thread, I found comments from some people on Amazon that the cup of liquid keeps the inside of the chicken cooler than the rest, resulting in uneven cooking. I am not sure whether we care - that chicken tasted good to us and was fun to make.


I have been using that same poultry roaster for years, it makes the most tender fall of the bone chicken ever, of course I always brine my bird ahead of time.