wild boar?


Mike Shook

A hunter friend delivered a wild boar shoulder to me yesterday. I am going to smoke it up. Is there anything I should be aware of or handle differently than domestic pork shoulder?
Boar meat is leaner, cook the same way you would any pork shoulder but on the lower side of temps and a bit longer on time. Wrapping helps but I never tried that way.
Had to stop and look up Javelina. That's a new one to this east coast old man.

Thanks for the tips, guys. Dental surgery this Friday, so I am slating this project for next weekend. Pics to follow if I can figure out how to mount them.
As mentioned, keep your temps low as there isn't as much fattty content as reared swine. I wouldn't go higher than 190f IT. I did once, & it would have been easier eating my boot.
I also find wild boar not very gamey at all. But then I usually try to buy Iberico, which they make jamon iberico de bellota. The finest cured ham you will ever taste. I could live off the stuff.
Wild Boar makes great jerky too.
Good luck at the fang-fettler on Friday.
since this tread was posted i have a buddy out this weekend trying to bring me back a wild hog butt. If he is going to shoot them anyway, maybe we can make something good out of it. IF it happens and comes out good, I may try to get out there with him and get a little stock of wild hog in the freezer.