WiFi Stability



Hey All,

I've had my Heatermeter for about 4 years and used quite a few times. I've been using the Edimax WiFi adapter and have had hit and miss luck. Most recently, It will end up losing connection after a few hours. It eventually reconnects but it is very frustrating. Range isnt an issue because it happens when it out on the back patio or in the garage. I've changed Wireless hardware a few times and that doesnt seem to improve it. Any ideas? Or other info thats needed?
I use an Edimax on my main HeaterMeter (4.2) that stays plugged in 24/7 when not in use and it stays connected all the time. Are you on the v14 release or the snapshot? I know the v14 release had some issues with the Edimax driver that weren't found until after release that caused it to drop off within a day pretty much all the time.
I've always had a lot of wifi connection issues with my HM. Recently, I noticed the power supply cable was frayed so I changed it out. Since then I haven't dropped wifi.
I had the same issue. insead of buying a new one, i had a few Pi Zero W's laying around so i put that on and have been running good ever since.