Where does one get a "cheap" chub of bologna?


Timothy Hoffman

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I have been seeing smoked half and whole chubs of bologna for years but have never found any "cheap" Lowest price I can find for no name is $5.99 a pound! Hell, I can get sirloin steak for $4.99! Name brand bologna is $9.99!! The only cheap stuff is already sliced but only $1.99 a pound. This is frustrating.


Get some cheap sliced bologna and tie it like you would a roast. There ain't no cheap bologna chubs.
Get some cheap sliced bologna, stack 'em tight on a rotisserie skewer, cook it on the grill, and then shave off slices along the edge of the stack like shawarma. :p


Most of the stores around here have it from time to time, $8-$12 depending on weight, best way I ever found to do it is slice 3/8" thick , hit with a rub and lay out and smoke 1-2 hours depending on temps. use to smoke whole with slices around it but only smoke around the edges, I vac pack a weeks worth for lunches ,

Andy Kaminski

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I recently saw a YouTube vid where they partially cross cut and apples rub to a big chunk of balone.
they called it Baloney burnt ends or something like that.
Here it is, Bloomin Bologna Burnt Ends.
I just don’t think I can do it :).